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How can our technology help to solve the UN's sustainability goals? CEO Geir Håøy gave the answer during this year's business conference in Kongsberg.

KONGSBERG has selected five of the UN’s sustainability goals where we have technology that can make a difference. KONGSBERG delivers solutions within food supply, security, transport, energy and climate issues, Geir Håøy said.

- KONGSBERG has worked with efficiency and safety for a long time. This was not something we started with as the UN launched its sustainability goals. However, we have identified the areas where KONGSBERG is delivering solutions today, and where it will be important to invest further in the time to come. Thus, the UN’s sustainability goal is a useful indicator for us in the industry in relation to what challenges the world must solve in the future, said Geir Håøy.

KONGSBERG places particular emphasis on technology that is connected to the ocean. Sustainable utilization of marine resources is an important focus area for KONSBERG and for Norway as a nation.

70 percent of the globe is covered by the ocean. Transport by sea constitutes 80 per cent of all transport in the world. 90 percent of the world’s biomass is in the ocean.

A large part of our technology is somehow linked to the sea. Here are some examples of technology from KONGSBERG that help make a difference.

Autonomous and zero-emission shipping

KONGSBERG delivers the technology that enables the development of autonomous transport solutions at sea such as the Yara Birkeland vessel.

The world’s first autonomous ferry

Technology from KONGSBERG has managed to make the management of an ordinary car ferry completely autonomous and successful tests have been carried out in Finland.

Hybrid solutions for transport of goods

KONGSBERG delivers technology to a new class of hybrid vessels that have significantly lower emissions of greenhouse gases.

Gas-powered vessels

The new coastal route between Bergen and Kirkenes is powered by liquid natural gas. KONGSBERG supplies the propellers and has entered into a long-term service agreement for these vessels

Wind power

KONGSBERG delivers technology that optimizes the operation of wind farms, streamlines maintenance and makes the best use of wind resources.

Environmental monitoring and seabed mapping

Underwater drones from KONGSBERG make detailed maps of the seabed and provide data that is important for sustainable management of the ocean.

Food Resources and Pollution

KONGSBERG supplies technology for research vessels that survey the fishery resources in the sea and form the basis for sustainable determination of quotas.

Sustainable fishing

KONGSBERG delivers echo sounder that differentiates between different types of fish and reduces the amount of by-catches.

Offshore fish farms

KONGSBERG delivers technology that monitors and manages the operations of the world’s first offshore fish farm. This is technology that can increase the production of seafood and feed an increasing world population.

Remote control towers

Remotely controlled towers make it possible to maintain a network of small-scale airports in Norway, which is important for settlement in rural areas. KONGSBERG also sees great opportunities internationally with our remote tower solutions.

Space and surveillance

KONGSBERG is inside the entire value chain within space where data from satellites provides precise monitoring of weather and climate. Satellite technology is also essential in securing seafaring, for example through emergency response recipients provided by KONGSBERG.

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