Tailored solutions to the shipping industry

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Tailored solutions to the shipping industry

Some of the world’s most advanced ships are built in Ulsteinvik. Meet Per Knut Dimmen, who was an industrial mechanic at Kleven shipyard before he took part in the start-up of what is now called Kongsberg Evotec.

(As a result of the acquisition of Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine, Kongsberg Gruppen entered into an agreement with Rome AS 16. January 2019 to divest Kongsberg Evotec).

TASKS: Kongsberg Evotec supplies handling systems for ships. This includes everything from cranes to winches and various types of boom. I work with 3D modelling which forms the basis of the technical drawings for production. My job entails everything from helping the customer to define his needs if necessary, setting up specifications for the product, selecting components and modelling the mechanical design.

When the 3D models are completed, 2D working drawings are made up and we then create technical documentation. Sometimes the job involves product follow-up during production, travelling to sub-contractors and activities linked to any problems that might occur along the way. On larger projects I work as Design Lead.

BACKGROUND: I followed the practical route. I was an industrial mechanic at Kleven shipyard, earned a certificate of apprenticeship and worked there for a few years. After a while I felt I was ready to learn some more, so I went to a training college in Ålesund.

Afterwards I worked at a different company first, before starting at a company that some former colleagues had started, which was the precursor to Evotec. That was in 2006 and I was employee no. 8. I’ve been with the company ever since.  

TOOLS: We use Autodesk Inventor as our main tool in 3D modelling. All of our products are modelled in three dimensions. We make digital prototypes. Then we produce 2D working drawings. For the strength calculations we use a program called Ansys Mechanical. Generally there will be a certain degree of tailoring for each customer.

We have product families and products that are very similar, but there are usually minor differences based on different requirements. 

OBJECTIVES: The goal is to create good and cost-effective solutions. It’s down to me to provide a good foundation that is easy to base production on. It’s always exciting to follow the first version of a product that’s being built.

Has anything been overlooked? Are there any conflicts between the parts? Are any adaptations needed during production? It’s always nice to have drawn something that doesn’t throw up any major problems in production. 

JOB MEMORY: The thing that has maybe taken the most years off my life was the project where Evotec supplied equipment to four of the world’s largest seismic vessels. In the process of delivering the equipment to the first two ships, our sub-supplier went bankrupt. So the work had to be moved to a new supplier in the middle of production and it was a real challenge.

On the last two projects the production took place in China. It needed closer follow-up than when the production is done in Europe. But it was both exciting and educational to work with such major cultural differences. 

HIDDEN TALENTS: Maybe machine operator? I’m interested in machines and have both a tractor and an excavator at home. I think you have to have those when you live on a farm like I do. I use the excavator to landscape a bit around the buildings, and elsewhere on the property if I need to dig ditches or things like that.

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Per Knut Dimmen

POSITION: Senior Designer

AGE: 41

EDUCATION: Mechanical engineering degree. Apprenticeship certificate in industrial mechanics


BUSINESS AREA: Kongsberg Maritime


Ove Ronny Haraldsen

Group Communication Manager

+47 99 15 59 20

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