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Your Extreme

Norway's brightest technology students will again step up to the challenges of tomorrow. Your Extreme 2015 levels its gaze at Norway version 6.0.

Norway 6.0 is a term launched by KONGSBERG this autumn, in the hope of putting Norwegian technological development higher on the national agenda.  The term refers to a Norway beyond the oil age, where industry must keep up with technological developments in order to survive.

“The world is entering a new industrial revolution as a result of digitisation inroads in technology and the project industry. This opens up an opportunity for Norway to create a much larger, broader and globally competitive industrial sector – a new ‘version’ of itself”, says Kongsberg CEO Walter Qvam. 

The world is entering a new industrial revolution

Walter Cvam, CEO

Two intense days

Now the challenge is thrown into the lap of the students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. Students who register for the contest are given 48 hours to devise a solution. During these two intense days, they must solve the task they are faced with. 

The winning team receives 30,000 NOK per team member, and a chance to visit Kongsberg and Horten and participate in the group’s senior management meeting.  

“The contest is our way of showing the students how exciting a job as an engineer can be. We hope that our contribution means more students complete their studies and enter employment”, says Anne Gro Kjørstad, senior HR consultant at Kongsberg ASA.

Challenging politicians

The managing director has simultaneously called for a national, long-term programme to systematically develop the knowledge still required in order for the country to make the transition to Norway 6.0.

“We need to utilise the expertise and technology base we’ve built up within both large and small companies, academia and research. And we must make the means, facilities and expertise very easily accessible for industry and entrepreneurs”, says Qvam.

Walter Qvam believes it is time for an overarching national direction, where the long-term goals and the power to act are clear and decisive.

“As a leading technology group with extensive system and IT expertise, it’s obvious to us at Kongsberg that we both can and must contribute to this work”, says Qvam.

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Your Extreme:

  • YOUR EXTREME is an ideas competition initiated by KONGSBERG in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). 
  • The competition is open to all students, and challenges teams to find an innovative and creative solution to a given scenario - all this in just 48 hours. 
  • YOUR EXTREME encourages the use of knowledge from different disciplines and original solutions to resolve the challenge.


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